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Use MiningRigs Online Mining rig Builder tool to create your own custom mining rig with ease. This will help you to configure your own components and help you to determine price and Hash rate that a Mining rig with Different Configuration can offer.

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Build your own


Configure and Build your own 6 GPU Mining Rig with MiningRigs Online’s Mining Rig Builder Tool. Easy to select components and build mining rig. This will give you cost, Hash Rate Power Details and Profits etc on your custom build.

Components :

  • 6 Graphic Cards
  • 1 Motherboard
  • 1 Processor
  • 1 RAM
  • 1 SSD
  • 1/2 Power Supply
  • 6 Risers
  • 1 Power Button
  • 1 Mining Rig Case
  • Connecting Cables

Note: All components can be configured using MiningRigs Online Builder Tool. With  Gtx 1070 Card, its recommended to use two 850W Power Supplies.

Additional information

Weight 15.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 24 × 21 in

2 reviews for Build Your Own Custom Mining Rig – MiningRigs Online

  1. Rajesh Shah

    Great Feature Guys!

  2. Sridhar

    Give information about lifespan this device

    • MiningRigs

      Lifespan of machine is usually 4-5 years.

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